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The photos above are of BRAND NEW SIDING on a new house. The picture on the left shows a few of the 338 cracks in the siding on the average home where all of the panels have to overlap. Not only are all of these cracks very unsightly, but can you imagine the amount of energy used to replace the heat that escapes from your home via these cracks.

The photo on the right shows how brand new siding can be installed with warping, buckling and distortion. This is a normal characteristic of vinyl siding that is nailed to your home.

The leading authority on vinyl siding is the VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) and they represent almost every vinyl siding manufacturer. On page 14 of their manual they say; "Allow 1/32" clearance (the thickness of a dime) between the fastener head and the vinyl,

Tight nailing, screwing or stapling WILL cause the vinyl to buckle with changes in temperature."

Drive fasteners straight and level to prevent DISTORTION & BUCKLING of the panel."

The average home has between 2500-3000 nails in a typical siding installation so what are the chances that a laborer installing your siding is going to put every single nail exactly straight with no tilt up or down and not too far to the left or too far to the right and with
exactly a 1/32” space left between the nail head and the vinyl? This simply will not happen and so you must expect warping, buckling and in some cases sagging of your new siding.

The other fact is that standard vinyl siding leaves a tremendous amount of unsightly cracks all over your home. Why would anyone want to drive up to their home every day and see all of these cracks? When the drywall in your home was installed there were a whole lot of seams between the panels, but they were all taped over and finished to make them disappear. If you don't want cracks and seams on the inside of your home why tolerate them unnecessarily on the exterior of your home?

Until now homeowners didn’t have a choice; unattractive seams, buckling and warping were the normal for vinyl siding. Finally technology has caught up with the siding industry, INTRODUCING THE PATENTED GLIDE-LOCK ATTACHMENT SYSTEM.

Insulated, Seamless Vinyl Siding guaranteed for life to never buckle, warp, sag, fade or blow off the house. Also the ONLY siding with a HAIL WARRANTY.

  • The Glide-Lock Patented Attachment System automatically leaves a 1/32" space between the fastener and the vinyl.
  • Allows the siding to expand & contract freely without any buckling, warping or distortion.
  • 29 foot panels allows for seamless installations on most homes.
  • 500% greater impact resistance than ordinary siding reduces weather related damage.
  • Guaranteed to withstand winds up to 270 MPH.
  • Instant savings on energy bills with our Energy Star rated insulated siding that can increase the "R Value" up to 8.5.
  • Non-insulated siding also available.
  • The only seamless vertical siding available anywhere.
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors.

 We look forward to the opportunity of showing you this exclusive patented siding system. To schedule a free estimate please give us a call, 717-557-1777.

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